General Sales Conditions

  1. Generalities
    1. The present conditions refer to products sold by AGB.
    2. These conditions regulate the relationship between AGB and the Client (private or organization) that purchases from AGB.
    3. The purpose of these conditions is to define general sales conditions between AGB and the Client, beginning with the product/service supply order, through payment methods, delivery methods and after-sales support,
    4. Every order implies adhering without reservations to the present supply and sale conditions.
  2. Order
    1. Placing an order, the Client manifests his complete acceptance of our general sales conditions, prices and product descriptions comtemplated in this transaction. These general sale consitions will be the only applicable between both parties.
    2. All received orders must be accepted and signature verified by AGB.
    3. AGB's responsability for losses and/or damages is limited to the value of the ordered products.
    4. The Client can submit a written modification or cancellation of an order placed as long as it is yet to be executed.
  3. Product availability:
    1. Prices shown do not includ transportation costs unless he opposite is unequivocally expressed.
    2. In case of stock rupture AGB does not garantee that the replacement of any products does not implicate their respective prices update, meaning any order related to these products will only be processed upon confirmation from the Client with updated prices.
  4. Payment conditions
    1. Throughout the order, the Client will be informed of the payment methods available for each specific order, preferebly in cash or bank transfer.
  5. Order delivery
    1. For each order the Client shall provide AGB both a billing and shipping address.
    2. Deadlines, methods and prices of delivery depend on both the destination and service contracted.
    3. While receiving the order, the Client should always verify the merchandise externally looking for visible damages in the boxes. Eventual anomalies should be mentioned while receiving the merchandise and signaled in the courier document to be communicated afterwards to AGB.
    4. Delays in the delivery, caused by reasons external to AGB, especially in August and during Christmas season, due to being periods where our partners close,  do not constitute justified reasoning for cancellation or annulment from the Client of any order, nor can they lead to compensations for emerging damages, outgoing profit or non compliance with established payment conditions.
  6. Goods return / Complaints:
    1. In any case will AGB accept returns without previous agreement with the Client.
    2. Changes or product returns due to insatisfaction must be communicated to AGB in 14 working days. The Client should mention the order number, product lot or invoice number, as well as the reason for changing/returning the product.
    3. In case the return is due to errors while placing the order or factors external to AGB, 15% of the returned goods liquid value will be charged to cover handling and logistic costs.
    4. Client returns / complaints to AGB should always be submitted written.
    5. We will not accept returns:
      1. Customized products and products, that for their nature, are susceptable of fast deterioration and can't be resent;
      2. Damaged products and products previously used;
      3. Return of goods that were separated from their original boxes will be refused. In case the products were utilized, assembled in other facilities and/or equipments or disassembled externally to AGB, returns will be refused.
    6. Returning the goods amd associated costs are the Client's responsability.
  7. Warranty
    1. AGB garantees its products and services are flawless for a period of six months after being assembled. During this period, repairs, adjustments and/or substitution are free of charge as long as the flaw originated from a defectuous AGB product or in the process of shipping from AGB. The repair of the damaged product or its replacement for a new one will be conducted according to AGB's criteria.
    2. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misutilization, mishandling, unauthorized repair, fall, inadequate storage, damage cause by contact with water or insufficient safety measures.
    3. This warranty will not be applicable if the damage is caused by inapproppriate instalation, incorrect air flow or other causes external to AGB. Any complaint of other nature is not covered by AGB. AGB is only responsible for the warranty conditions mentioned above and products sold by AGB, not covering any other material. AGB has the right to alter the design or improve its products without being obliged to modify previously manufactured products.
  8. AGB holds the right to, in case of external circumstances such as strike, epidemic, war, fire, mobilization, transportation accident, destruction or damage of parts of the production chain, as well as any other unforeseen event that partially or totally paralyzes AGB's activity, its suppliers or couriers, not comply with previously agreed delivery deadlines.
  9. Lacking resolution from both parties, any litigation that emerges from the interpretation, application or execution of the present General Sales Conditions will mandatorily be submitted to the "Tribunal Português da Comarca da Maia" or the "Centro Informação Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto", Rua Damião de Gois, 31 – Loja 6 – 4050-225 Porto – Tel. 225 508349 / Fax. 225026109 – Email. – web.

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